Record Church Contributions with CCIS Church Software Programs

Tracking contributions has never been easier or more accurate than with the CCIS Contributions Module of CCIS Membership Management™. Highly customizable and user-friendly, CCIS Contributions offers you a precise entry and tracking method that you can easily customize to fit your needs. Designate your own funds for receiving gifts, and then use our simple Contributions Batch Entry to process all contributions collected during each service or fund-raising event. Contributions made to pay a pledge are automatically applied.

Confirm your entries against our batch amount checking feature for complete accuracy. Recording contributions is part of the CCIS Membership Management™ software, and so all of your contributors will already be entered into your system!

CCIS Contributions offers useful keyboard shortcuts to work even faster. It easily exports data to the CCIS AccountAbility™ program so that you never need to enter your data twice. CCIS Contributions Module also generates several helpful reports. Contribution and Pledge statements for individuals can be generated anytime. Send statements monthly, quarterly, yearly or at any interval you choose. Imagine how much improved your campaigns can be, and how easy it will be to report your successes to your members when you take advantage of CCIS Contributions!